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WoodWick Wax Melts – Fill Your Home With Beautiful Scents

You can change the ambience of your home in a way that caters to your budget by choosing the WoodWick Wax Melts we offer at The Woods Gifts. Our selection of wax melts includes a number of different beautiful fragrances to match your personal taste. Create a pleasant atmosphere for all of your living spaces with unique scents all throughout the year.

WoodWick Wax Melts

Offered in the beautiful WoodWick Candle hourglass shape, our wax melts are ideal for any standard wax warmer, electric, or traditional. Simply place a wax melt square onto your wax burner and use an electric burner or light a tea light to burn the melt square. Then, simply allow the scent to extend into your room for many hours of enjoyment.

We offer WoodWick Wax Melts in an array of scents, including Applewood, At the Beach, Fireside, Frasier Fir, Evening Bonfire, Lavender Spa, Linen, Redwood, Vanilla Bean, and Cinnamon Chai.

Purchase WoodWick Wax Melts

Shop our WoodWick Wax Melts as well as the complete selection of WoodWick Candle products we offer online today. Fill your home with gratifying fragrances that enhance your living spaces.

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