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Goodbye Facebook!

It’s been a couple days since I’ve deleted my Profile on Facebook. Now, if you like Facebook you might ask yourself: „That’s weird! Why could he have done that?“ Or you are from Brazil and think: „Facebook? Hum. What am I supposed to do there? All my friends are on Orkut!“

Well, l live in Brazil and so I wasn’t able to „avoid“ Orkut, socially spoken. At that time it’s been highly recommended by a friend, so I gave it a try, more than one – to be honest. Finally, I quit for real. I quit insisting on searching, reading and posting in forums, sending scraps or reading some kind of personal marketing from people I never met in real life.

I made up my mind and left. Not just that. I did something stupid. I wrote an email to my virtual friends, trying to explain why. Can you imagine that? Nobody answered, of course. They might think I’m crazy. How could I’ve been so naive?

After a while, I kind of missed something. I felt so lonely (am I just kidding?). So I joined Facebook, „connecting“ to some friends (most of them were people I already knew), hanging around for a while, checking out some apps, reading stupid comments like „Filipe is Rumpelstielzchen“ or that someone „poked“ another person, doing some research on communities and – got bored.

„This is worse than Orkut!“ I thought – facing an overdose of political correctness. A lot of smiling faces posting a lot of fotos with smiling faces. Comparing to Orkut, Facebook is the peak of indifference. No real issues but a lot of visual pollution and apps you don’t need. In my opinion, the concept of Orkut is better. By the way:  „Dear folks from Orkut! We had some good chats! I give you that!“

Now, I’m out. After all, I did not „leave“ real people. I just quit participating on a virtual platform. That’s a difference, do you agree? I hope so. And, with reference to the people I „knew“ on Orkut and Facebook I’d like to tell you something:

I’ve got their phone numbers and email-adresses.

Anyway, since then, I’m almost convinced that a lot of so called social networks are a waste of time. They might be useful if you’re looking for someone you haven’t met for years and whose personal contact information is lost. Or, maybe you’re looking for a date – desperately, after all?

That’s not my point.

My point is that – in the end – this whole social network thing is giving just one clear message:

I am here! I do exist!

That’s it.

It’s not: „How are you?“ / „What have you been doing since we’ve met?“
(If we ever met at all…)

You think that’s unfair? You might be right. People ask these questions and use those networks for gossip and news, to post their ideas, to show how fantastic, marvellous, sexy, tough, cool or intelligent theye are, and so on … That’s human and quite understandable.

But, I beg your pardon for insisting: the main issue is still to be present, to show up – for whatever reason. Those sites give you the impression that you’re missing something if you are not a part of it. Once you’re in they got you! You better think twice about leaving. You got used to it. You need it!

Why is that?

Well, maybe because:

Social network sites risk infantilising the mid-21st century mind, leaving it characterised by short attention spans, sensationalism, inability to empathise and a shaky sense of identity, according to a leading neuroscientist.


Social networking sites can provide a „constant reassurance – that you are listened to, recognised, and important“. […] This was coupled with a distancing from the stress of face-to-face, real-life conversation, which were „far more perilous … occur in real time, with no opportunity to think up clever or witty responses“ and „require a sensitivity to voice tone, body language and perhaps even to pheromones, those sneaky molecules that we release and which others smell subconsciously“.

Good point!

Normal …


Earth and Moon from Space, shot by GALILEO

Die Tatsache, dass wir am Boden eines Gravitationsschachts, auf der Oberfläche eines von einer Gashülle umgebenen Planeten leben, der sich um einen 90 Milliarden Meilen entfernten atomaren Feuerball dreht, und das für normal halten, deutet zweifellos darauf hin, wie schräg unsere Perspektive manchmal ist.

The fact that we live at the bottom of a deep gravity well, on the surface of a gas covered planet going around a nuclear fireball 90 million miles away and think this to be normal is obviously some indication of how skewed our perspective tends to be.

Douglas Adams

Comparando expressões idiomáticas:


abusar da sorte
to push one’s luck
sein Glück herausfordern

acertar em cheio
to hit the nail on the head
den Nagel auf den Kopf treffen

aconteça o que acontecer
come what may
komme, was kommen mag

alimentar um amor não-retribuido
to carry a torch for someone
jemandem falsche Hoffnungen machen

andar na corda bamba
to walk a tightrope
sich auf dünnem Eis befinden

apertar o cinto
to tighten one’s belt
den Gürtel enger schnallen

arregaçar as mangas
to roll up one’s sleeves
die Ärmel hochkrempeln


bater na mesma tecla
to harp on the same subject
ins gleiche Horn stossen

bem me quer, mal me quer
she loves me, she loves me not
sie liebt mich, sie liebt mich nicht


caia na real
get real
komm auf den Teppich

carta branca
to give free hand
freie Hand geben

com os dias contados
on borrowed time
die Tage sind gezählt

com o passar do tempo
as time goes by
im Lauf der Zeit

começar da estaca zero
to start from scratch
bei Null anfangen


dar nomes aos bois
to call a spade a spade
die Dinge beim Namen nennen

dar o fora em alguém
to dump someone
jemandem eine Abfuhr geben

dar um gelo em alguém
to give someone the cold shoulder
jemandem die kalte Schulter zeigen

dar um pulo na casa de alguém
to drop by
auf einen Sprung vorbeikommen

dar uma surra / dar uma coca em alguém
to clean someone’s clock
jemandem eins auf die Nuss / die Glocke geben

de uma vez por todas
once and for all
ein für alle Mal

dedurar alguém
to tell on someone
jemanden anschwärzen

deixar alguém na mão
to leave somebody high and dry
jemanden draufsetzen / im Regen stehen lassen

deixar o barco correr
to let things slide
den Dingen ihren Lauf lassen

to get it off one’s chest
Dampf ablassen

descarregar irritação, mau humor / desontar em alguém
to take out on someone
sich an jemandem abreagieren

desculpa esfarrapada
lame excuse
lahme / faule Ausrede

desembucha / fala logo
schiess los / sag schon

dormir como uma pedra
to sleep like a dog
wie ein Toter schlafen


empurrar algo com a barriga
to table something
etwas vor sich herschieben

enfiar a faca (cobrar muito)
to rip someone off
jemanden ausnehmen / abziehen

estar atolado em trabalho
to be swamped with work
in Arbeit ertrinken

expelir gases / soltar um pum
to cut the cheese / to break wind
einen fliegen lassen / einen fahren lassen


falar é fácil
easier said than done
leichter gesagt als getan

fazer escândalo
to make a scene
eine Szene machen

ficar com as pernas bambas
to go weak in the knees
weiche Knie bekommen

ficar de rodeios / não ir direto ao ponto
to beat around the bush
um den heissen Brei herumreden

foi por pouco / foi por um triz
that was a close call
das war knapp

fora de cogitação
out of question
ausser Frage


gosto não se discute
there is no accounting for taste
über Geschmack lässt sich nicht streiten


hospedar alguém
to put someone up
jemanden aufnehmen


infernizar a vida de alguém
to take care of someone
sich um jemanden kümmern

isso é um roubo
that’s a rip-off
das ist ein Abzug / eine Abzocke

isso é uma mixaria
that’s peanuts
das ist Kinderkram


larga do meu pé
get off my back
lass mich in Ruhe / geh mir nicht auf den Geist

levantar com o pé direito
to get up on the wrong side of bed
mit dem linken Fuss aufstehen


manda-chuva / bambambã
big shot
grosse Nummer

mexer os pauzinhos
to pull the strings
die Fäden ziehen

muito barulho por nada
much ado about nothing
viel Lärm um nichts


não ficou pedra sobre pedra
not one stone was left upon another
kein Stein blieb auf dem anderen

nascer em berço de ouro
to be born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth
mit einem silbernen Löffel zur Welt kommen


o successo subiu a cabeça dele
success went to one’s head
der Erfolg ist ihm zu Kopf gestiegen


para sempre
for good
für immer und ewig

para variar
for a change
zur Abwechslung

pegar (moda)
to catch on
in Mode kommen

perder a cabeça
flow off the handle
den Kopf verlieren

pessoa fria
cold fish

piada suja
blue joke
schmutziger Witz

por debaixo do pano
under the table
unter den Teppich kehren

Faulpelz, Faulenzer

prova de fogo
acid test


quebrar a cabeça
to beat one’s brains out
sich den Kopf zerbrechen

quebrar um galho
to make do
über’s Knie brechen


rato de biblioteca

rua sem saida
dead-end street


sair do fininho
to sneak away
sich davonschleichen / sich aus dem Staub machen

se depender de mim, nada feito
not if I can help it
nicht, wenn ich es verhindern kann

sei lá
beats me
was weiss ich

sem ressentimentos
no hard feelings
nichts für ungut

ser uma mala-sem-alça
to be excess baggage
ein Klotz am Bein sein

ser louco por alguém
to have a case on someone
verrückt nach jemandem sein

subir pelas paredes
to hit the ceiling
an die Decke gehen


ter uma recaída
to fall off the wagon
einen Rückfall haben

ter pé frio
to be a jinx
ein Pechvogel sein / Pech haben

tomar posse
to take office
das Amt übernehmen

tomar pau no teste
to flunk (in the subjects at school)
den Test / die Prüfung verhauen


vale a pena
it’s worth it
es lohnt sich

vira lata
mongrel / mutt (U.S.)
Mischling / Promenadenmischung

To be continued!
Wird fortgesetzt!

Nochmal Yahoo:

„Gerade in Bagdad gelandet!“ Der immer populärer werdende Internet-Dienst Twitter beschäftigt jetzt die US-Streitkräfte. Warum?“

Was man mit 140 Zeichen so alles anrichten kann … Ist schon erstaunlich. Hat was von Realsatire und auf jeden Fall mehr Unterhaltungswert als Sachen wie: „Gerade gefrühstückt. Aprikosenmarmelade war gut“, oder so ähnlich …

Wenn das mal kein Word Event ist!

Aus Gründen der Fairness hier noch der Link, der die Schlagzeile mit dem entsprechenden Artikel verbindet:

Alles im Lack!

Heute gesehen auf der Homepage von Yahoo! Deutschland:

„Opel verzichtet dank Abwrackprämie auf weitere Kurzarbeit.“


„Porsche bringt seine erste Limousine auf den Markt. Wir finden: ein starker Auftritt!“

Mir fehlen die Worte! Ich bin sprachlos. Ehrlich! Was soll man dazu sagen?


„Danke, Abwrackprämie!“

„Gut gemacht, Porsche!“


Also, wenn Sie mich fragen …

A maior palavra da língua portuguesa?

Quem disse que somente os Alemaẽs criam palavras exorbitantes. Vejam só:


Significado: descreve o estado das pessoas que sofrem de uma doenca rara provocada por aspiração de cinzas vulcânicas!

A encontrei no dicionário HOUAISS – e lá esta ela, ocupando uma linha inteira!