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Map of Nuclear Explosions on Earth from 1945 – 1998

This is weird:

Here’s a short, but remarkable list of all „events“, (atmospheric, underground, underwater), subdivided by countries. It has been published by the Swiss Seismological Service:

USA: 1039
Soviet Union: 718
France: 198
China: 45
United Kingdom: 45
India: 3
Pakistan: 2
North Korea: 1
Unknown: 1 (!)

For each country, lists with detailed information are available here.


Evolution is not …

Just found on WordPress: a very good summary to get things clear, to avoid misunderstandings, myths and polemics. Here are the main points:

– Evolution is not a theory that explains the origin of the universe, that field of study is referred to as Cosmology, and it is  [… ] not covered by Charles Darwin’s „The Origin of Species“.


– Evolution is not a theory that describes the first origination of life on this planet. This field of study is called Abiogenesis.

– Evolution [theory] is not inherently atheistic, the theory describes nothing regarding the existence of God, it is a scientific theory confining itself to prediction and observation of the natural world.

– The theory does not say, „humans came from monkeys“. The theory shows clear evidence supporting the hypothesis that at some point 6 Million years ago, humans, the great apes and primates diverged from a common ancestor.

– Evolutionary theory is […] not a religion, a believe system, a faith or any other ambiguous religious term …



Update, December 11, 2014
As ist seems, the link above is no longer available.