All You Need to Know About WoodWick Candles

All You Need to Know About WoodWick Candles

There is something special about fire. The hearth is a place that brings people together around its warmth, and its scents and sounds are a visceral feeling that makes us cozy and comfortable.

WoodWick Candles is the brilliant brand that’s bringing this feeling around the hearth to any room in your house. With our lineup of fantastic candles, you can feel cozy and comfortable all year round.


Here’s a look at the fantastic WoodWick Candles on offer in our online store.

Hourglass WoodWick Candles

Starting with one of the most popular styles, Hourglass WoodWick Candles have the wooden wick that is all-natural and Crackles as it Burns™. The consistent burn is one of the hallmarks of this style. Not only does it utilize the Pluswick® Innovation technology to create the sound of a crackling fire, it also uses a premium mixture of soy and paraffin waxes to ensure an even burn for the life of the candle, which starts at 40 hours for a Mini candle. While we carry over 15 different scents for the Hourglass WoodWick Candles, some of the most popular scents are FiresideFrasier Fir and Linen.

Trilogy WoodWick Candles

Just as the name suggests, Trilogy WoodWick Candles offer up three different layers in a convenient hourglass shape. Take advantage of the Pluswick® Innovation technology, which allows the candle to burn faster and throw the fragrance further, filling the entire room with its scent. Even though there are three different fragrances to be had in Trilogy WoodWick Candles, they burn clean all the way to the edges and provide 75+ hours of fantastic crackling sound that is synonymous with WoodWick.

WoodWick Reserve Candles

One of the lesser known styles in  The Woods Candles store is the WoodWick Reserve collection. Known for their more masculine scents, Reserve WoodWick Candles have a stylishly designed glass and an attractive front label made from stamped leather. Like all the other WoodWick candles, a Reserve collection candle Crackles as it Burns™ and comes with popular scents like Spruce, Ember, Leather and Mahogany, among others.

Petite WoodWick Candles

If you’re a first-time buyer of WoodWick Candles from our store, you may want to consider testing out your favorite scents via Petite WoodWick Candles. At only 1.1 oz, the Petite candles burn for 6-8 hours and Crackles as it Burns™ like all other WoodWicks. These are also extremely popular for candlescaping, which creates a fantastic ambience for the entry way or the mantle.


If you’re looking for a showstopper candle, then look no further. The Hearthwick style from WoodWick Candles holds the wax in an ellipse-shaped glass basin and burns for up to 50 hours. Created to give the sound and smells of the hearth, Hearthwick candles make any room cozier with a soothing crackling sound from the long wick in the center.

How to Burn Properly

WoodWick Candles are safe to burn, but as with any candle, there are some best practices when dealing with an open flame to not only ensure a clean burn of your candle but also to ensure the safety of your home.

Best Practices for WoodWick Candles

Most people will have experience with cotton string wicks, but because all WoodWick Candles have wooden wicks you may not think that there is the same level of maintenance; indeed there is. Below are some of the most important practices to ensure a proper burn, starting with the wick.

  • When lighting Hearthwick candles for the first time, make sure to light the entire way across the wick to allow for an even burn.
  • Most other candles are recommended to burn for a maximum of 2 hours. With WoodWick Candles it is suggested to burn for 3-4 hours to ensure the melted wax reaches the edges of its container.
  • Give enough time for the candle to completely cool before relighting.
  • Trim the wick to 1/8 of an inch and remove all the wick trimmings before each new use.
  • Set candle on a burn free surface and keep away from pets and children.
  • It is also strongly recommended to avoid setting the candle near vents or open windows to prevent drafts catching the flame or prematurely blowing the candle out.
  • WoodWick Candles should be smoke free but if your candle is smoking it is likely in a drafty area and should be moved.

Common Questions About WoodWick Candles

WoodWick Candles are becoming one of the fastest growing candle brands in the United States and across the world and it makes sense that there would be questions. Whether it’s about the revolutionary way that WoodWick Candles work or you’re just curious about what scents you can get each candle in from our store, we’ve got you covered for that and everything in between below.

How do WoodWick Candles work?

WoodWick Candles are a blend of soy and paraffin wax that allows for a cleaner and smoke free burn. The signature feature of WoodWick Candles is the wooden wick that Crackles as it Burns™. Known as Pluswick® Innovation technology, the wooden wick offers a soothing crackling sound that is not only audibly pleasing but also provides a dancing flame.

Do WoodWick Candles burn faster?

Yes. The wooden wick combined with soy and paraffin wax blend make WoodWick Candles burn cleaner resulting in a faster burn.

How many hours will I get out of my WoodWick Candle?

  • Petite: Will burn for approximately 7 Hours
  • Reserve Collection: Will burn for approximately 20 Hours
  • Trilogy Collection: Will burn for approximately 75-160 Hours, depending on size
  • Hourglass Collection: Will burn for a minimum of approximately 40-160 Hours, depending on size
  • Hearthwick: Will burn for approximately 50 Hours

Why won’t my WoodWick Candle stay lit?

Be sure to trim the wick to 1/8 of an inch before each use. If your candle is still struggling to light or lights and doesn’t stay lit, wait until the candle is cooled and trim away some of the wax around the edges of the wick. Once your candle stays lit, be sure that the melted wax reaches the edges of the container to maintain an even burn for each use.

Are WoodWick Candles vegan?

Small amounts of paraffin wax are blended with soy and concentrated fragrances. WoodWick Candles are not vegan but, because of this blend, produce a clean burn with no residue left behind.

What scents can I get?

Scents range widely on each style of WoodWick Candles but you can shop by fragrance at our online store with categories like: Fruity, Herbal & Green, Fresh Linen, Floral, Woods & Earth and Sweet & Spice.

All other questions

If you have any other questions in regards to shopping with us, you can find answers to those questions in our Frequently Asked Questions section.


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